Willers Wins BMX Association Grand National Final

Willers Wins BMX Association Grand National FinalIt has been revealed in a recent report that Marc Willers from New Zealand has won the American BMX Association Grand National Finals. He won two races of the three held in the championship this season, and have claimed the title in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was further revealed that the Southern California-based rider has won the contest by defeating rival Sam Willoughby with a tough fight in a close competition. The rival tried his best to push forward in the race, and made a few mistakes, these were the points the winner cashed upon. Willers did not lose his grip on the game and went on to become the champion at the end of the contest.

"This was the big one. I am absolutely stoked. Coming to the USA has always been a goal for me, and the constant tough racing has really helped me improve”, he said. He further added that it was his dream to win this contest, and he has finally succeeded which makes him really happy.

He further added that he shall concentrate on the London Olympics, after a break. It’s going to be a huge event with a sum of $10 million dollars being put into the economy of the nation. It was further added that the Grand Nationals shall take place at the QuickTrip centre and shall be a mega event for the racers from world over.

In a positive message to one and all, it was revealed by Matt Neal from the BMX team that he is diabetic but this hasn’t hampered his game in any way. He further added that he uses OmniPod, a device that supplies him enough levels of insulin to keep going in the race.