Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with lots of unique features and capabilities

Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with lots of unique features and capabilities

Apollo Ghost, one of the most compact and refined adult electric scooters available in the market, comes with a lot of unique features and capabilities that make it stand apart from the crowd.

Built using professionally-crafted forged aluminum, the Apollo Ghost e-scooter is 17 per cent lighter in weight as compared with the Apollo Pro, but it doesn’t make any compromise on quality or comfort of the rider. It weighs just 29KG and measures 50.5 inches in length, but it can easily handle a rider weighing up to 300LB (135KG). The 50-inch tall e-scooter is perfectly suitable for riders measuring 5’3” to 6’3”.

It comes equipped with two 800W electric motors, one in each of the two wheels. Peak output for each motor has been pegged at 1000W. It other words, the two motors collectively generate 2000W. The motors are powerful enough to offer a top speed of up to 55 km/h (roughly 34 mph), while 0 to 25 km/h (15mph) acceleration takes just 3.1 seconds.

The 52V 18.2aH or 947Wh battery of the e-scooter can achieve an average range of up to 62 km (roughly 39 miles) on single charge. However, this range can be achieved only by riding the EV in its lowest speed settings.

The Apollo Ghost also features 10-inch pneumatic tires that make for a great option when it comes to smooth cruising.

The long list of the innovative e-scooter also includes front and rear mechanical disc brakes in addition to regenerative braking system, front and rear adjustable spring suspension, front and rear LED lighting, under-deck lighting, LED display with trigger throttle, dual charger ports, toolkit, folding handlebars, and IP54 rating.

On its website, Apollo Scooters states, “Industry-leading suspension and acceleration are finally available in a smaller, more compact, and refined package. The Ghost also introduces a number of highly-demanded features such as collapsible handlebars, deck lighting, dedicated footrest, and more.”

Since the onset of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the transport scene has undergone an unprecedented change. As more and more people are choosing personal mobility solutions over shared mobility solutions, demand for e-scooters continues to be on the rise. Thus, personal mobility solutions like Apollo Ghost are expected to enjoy a strong demand.

Guaranteeing worry-free riding, the Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with one of the longest warranty periods -- with 12 months of coverage for manufacturing defects. Priced at $1,499, it is affordable too.