Arrival’s upcoming electric van to run more than 200 miles per full charge

Arrival’s upcoming electric van to run more than 200 miles per full charge

Anglo-American automotive startup Arrival has unveiled a new all-electric van that aims to set a new standard for commercial vehicles by running more than 200 miles on a single charge while ensuring zero emissions. The Arrival electric van will likely enter the production lines at the company’s British and American manufacturing facilities sometime in summer 2022, and will be available in a total of eight versions. The upcoming commercial EV will offer a cargo volume of up to 14 m3, which will enable the user to carry a payload as high as 1,975 kg.

Its battery packs will be of 67kWh to 133kWh in size, which suggests that the commercial vehicle will be able to run 112 to 211 miles per full charge. However, users looking for smaller range for city drives will be provided with a smaller 44kWh pack as an option.

In terms of technology too, the Arrival electric van will be more than adequate. It will come equipped with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, digital e-mirrors, Advanced Emergency Braking system, Lane Keep Assist and many more innovative technologies.

A total of 25 Arrival Vans are already under construction at the company’s Bicester, Oxfordshire facility, and they will spend the coming summer months on British roads to allow the developers to test the commercial EV in the run-up to its mass production. However, some companies, including UPS, have already committed to purchase thousands of units of the upcoming EV in the coming years.

The Bicester manufacturing facility occupies roughly 110,000 square feet. This “microfactory” will employ just around 200 people, with robotic arms assembling the majority of the EVs.

Commenting on the so-called microfactories, Product Head Patrick Bion said, “The capital investment is less than 50 percent, very low compared to a normal facility. The company expects to build each factory for $45 million, and that its maximum capacity will be 10,000 vehicles a year.”

The microfactories will enable the company to focus on a single production line, be reliable and remain closer to its suppliers as well as customers. In addition, this concept will enable the company to ensure wider distribution of its manufacturing plants around the world.

As stated above, Arrival will start conducting road trials of the upcoming e-van in summer this year, with production slated for summer next year. Pricing and other details will be revealed before its official roll out next year.