Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in Abu Dhabi Launched

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in Abu Dhabi Launched

The first nuclear power plant in UAE has been successfully launched in Barakah, Abu Dhabi. The nuclear plant has been built by a consortium led by the Korea Electric Power Corporation. UAE was requiring more energy resources and nuclear power in better option for the Gulf region instead of fossil fuels.

Four reactors have been planned for the nuclear power plant but only one is operational at the moment. Once all the four reactors are operational, the power plant will have capacity to generate 5600 megawatts of electricity. This will account for nearly 25 percent of electricity demand in the UAE.

Announcing the successful commissioning of nuclear power plant, the vice president and ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid said, "Today we announce the UAE's success in operating the first peaceful nuclear reactor in the Arab world at Barakah Nuclear Plant in Abu Dhabi." By year 2050, UAE aims to meet half of its energy needs from renewable energy sources and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

"This is part of the UAE's drive to diversify its energy economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and project its image as a regional leader in science and technology," one Gulf analyst told French news agency AFP.