Georgia lawmakers preparing to re-introduce casino legalization measures in early 2022

Georgia lawmakers preparing to re-introduce casino legalization measures in early 2022

Efforts to legalize commercial gambling in Georgia are not ready to die as some supportive lawmakers have announced that they will re-introduce gambling legalization measures when the General Assembly will reconvene in early 2022.

Supporters of the legal commercial gambling have been making efforts to grant legal status to the controversial activity for around a decade, but all such efforts collapse due to lack of required support in the state assembly. Now, the state lawmakers are scheduled to gather again on January 10, 2022 and the next legislative session will run through the end of March. During that time, gambling bills will likely be introduced again to pave way for legalized gambling across the state.

Gambling efforts in Georgia have failed in each legislative session over the past decade. But with sports betting proliferating across the nation, and many new states entering the US gaming industry, some Peach State politicians believe the time is finally ripe for a casino bill and/or sports gambling measure to gain adequate cross-party support.

As many new states have entered the gaming arena, Georgia lawmakers believe that the time is finally ripe for a gaming expansion to gain required cross-party support.

It may be noted here that commercial gambling has been expanding at an unprecedented pace across the United States since the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that the federal ban on betting was unconstitutional. That landmark ruling enabled the states to decide and implement their own laws on various forms of gambling, including sports betting.

State Rep. Ron Stephens, a Republican from Savannah, said, “It looks more encouraging than ever. Let the people decide: Do we want to gamble or do we not? That’s the cleanest way to do it.”

Rep. Stephens, a longtime supporter of legalizing gambling in the Empire State, is confident that legal commercial gambling will gain legal status to sooner than later. Like other supporters of gambling expansion efforts, the republican representative believes that granting legal status to gambling would serve as much-needed stimulus to the struggling economy.

Georgia is one of only six states in the entire U.S. that currently doesn’t allow any kind of commercial or tribal casinos. Betting on sports also remains illegal in the state. The list of other such states includes Hawaii, Utah, Vermont, Kentucky, and South Carolina.