Italy’s MV Agusta launches new range of electric bicycles

Italy’s MV Agusta launches new range of electric bicycles

Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta Motor SPA has officially entered the market of electric mobility with the launch of a new range of electric bicycles (e-bicycles). MV Agusta said that the just launched new two-model range of e-bicycles, dubbed AMO, would offer a perfect blend of performance, smoother ride and affordability.
It is interesting to note here that AMO stands for "I love" in the Italian language. The two e-bicycle models are the MV Augusta RR and the RC.

Both models feature a 250W silent Mahle electric motor that is powerful enough to run at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour (roughly 25 km/h). The motor draws power from a 250 watt-hour battery manufactured by electronics giant Panasonic. The battery delivers a range of up to 47 miles (roughly 75 km) on a single charge.

Timur Saradarov, chief executive officer (CEO) of MV Agusta, said in a statement that the manufacturer decided to enter the market of e-electric mobility after it realized that the time was right for unlocking the full potential of what the brand stands for. He stressed that MV Agusta knew that speed, quality of engineering and authentic Italian design were some of the values that were resonating with urban dwellers and bikers in a similar way.

Other notable features of the AMO e-bicycles include Pirelli tires, a Gates Carbon Drive belt, and Magura disc brakes. Weighing in at merely 34 pounds (roughly 15.5 kilograms), the new e-bicycles are really light.

The RR version comes in two liveries, viz. yellow & black and red & black. The RC is available in a classic red, white, and black Reparto Corse livery from the manufacturer.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Sardarov added, "Our world is moving fast, society is evolving at a cadence the pandemic and the new-normal have dramatically accelerated. There is a growing need for affordable, light and eco-friendly mobility solutions, especially in large, busy urban contexts.”

He further added that there is a great potential for growth in electric mobility as the entire segment has thus far remained almost untouched. He also expressed hope that his company’s move to diversify its product portfolio with an exciting as well as different product range would be well received by the markets.

The AMO RR is available with a retail price tag of $3,600 (€3,050); while the limited-edition AMO RC has been priced at $4,800 USD (€4,050).