Lebanon’s EV Electra launches first electric car “Quds Rise” amidst crisis

Lebanon’s EV Electra launches first electric car “Quds Rise” amidst crisis

EV Electra, the first electric automobile manufacturer in Lebanon and the Arab World, has launched a locally-made all-electric sports car named Quds Rise, marking the first successful launch of an EV in the eastern Mediterranean country.

The Quds Rise, the red sports electric car with butterfly doors using the Arabic name of Jerusalem, has been produced as part of entrepreneur Jihad Mohammad’s EV project. Jihad Mohammad is a Lebanese-born Palestinian businessman.

Introducing the new luxury EV, Mohammad told reporters that the Quds Rise is the first electric automobile to be produced locally, despite the fact that the country is struggling amid a dire economic crisis with repeated power cuts.

At the official unveiling of the Quds Rise in a parking lot south of Beirut, Mohammad told reporters that the new EV was built in Lebanon from the very start to finish.

After the successful launch, EV Electra used its official twitter account to thank its fans for showing their enthusiasm for the EV, and making the day of the launch an unforgettable one.

Using the Twitter account, the EV Electra wrote, “A special thank you to all our fanbase and everyone who made this day an unforgettable one. Today, EV Electra proudly revealed QUDS Rise 2022 prototype for all the believers and supporters of our journey. Stay tuned for many more announcements.”

Without revealing the specs of the Quds Rise EV, 50-year-old Mohammad said that the new EV would be launched with a price tag of around $30,000. The company has plans to produce up to 10,000 units of the EV in the first phase, with production scheduled to start later this year in the company’s Lebanon manufacturing facility. First deliveries of the new EV are expected to take place sometime in the first quarter of next year.

The company also revealed that it has plans to set up at least 100 recharging stations across the country to power its upcoming EVs.

Last week, EV Electra announced that new charging stations would be installed, and the company would allow customers to use them for free. The company said it could provide a much-needed boost to the demand for renewable energy resources.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean country is also slowly but surely progressing towards renewable energy. Its stalled projects like wind power are expected to be resumed sooner than later.

EV Electra was set up by Mohammad around four years ago, and he created a workforce of around 300 people, including dozens of Lebanese and Palestinian engineers, for the project.