Mercedes-Benz to switch to EVs earlier than previously planned

Mercedes-Benz to switch to EVs earlier than previously planned

Following Audi’s footsteps, German luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz is also accelerating its shift from conventional fossil fuel-guzzling ICE cars to environment-friendly electric vehicles (EVs).

According to Germany’s Manager Magazin (a popular business magazine), Mercedes-Benz has plans to launch its electric cars, which has originally been slated for the middle of the current decade, earlier than previously planned.

The newly published report claims that the Mercedes-Benz electric models that were supposed to be launched sometime in 2024 or 2025 will be unveiled a year earlier, while their equivalent ICE-powered models will be ditched from the range altogether. It means that those electric models can be launched as early as 2023 or 2024.

However, the report should be taken with a pinch of a salt as nothing seems to be official at the current point of time. The publication cited anonymous sources. People claiming to have direct knowledge of the matter also declined to be named as the plans remain private and nothing has thus far been revealed by the manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz reportedly updated its electrification strategy just after Audi announced its plans to accelerate the process of integrating electric powertrains and phase out internal combustion engine-powered cars earlier than originally planned.

While repeated attempt to get a comment from a Daimler spokesperson could not bear fruit, the reported new move comes as a logical extension of the plans announced in February 2021, when it was reported the German manufacturer would ditch some of its slower selling coupe and convertible models in order to make space for next-generation electric cars.

It may be noted here that Mercedes-Benz, a Stuttgart-headquartered manufacturer of luxury cars, is owned by automobile giant Daimler AG. Ola Kallenius, chief executive officer of Daimler, is expected to announce the luxury car brand’s accelerated switch to greener mobility alternatives before the summer break.

Earlier this year, Daimler Group research Head Markus Schafer announced, “We intend to lead in the field of e-mobility and focus in particular on battery technology. We are taking a comprehensive approach, ranging from research and development to production, and also including strategic cooperation.”

The luxury car brand has selected six factories in Germany, Hungary, Tuscaloosa China, and the United States, to produce EVs. The electrification of Mercedes-Benz’s entire product portfolio, known as MercedesEQ, is a central component of its strategy to become a CO₂ neutral company by 2039.