Tesla drivers are most satisfied EV owners in Norway: Survey

Tesla drivers are most satisfied EV owners in Norway: Survey

Tesla EV drivers in Norway are the most satisfied with their vehicles compared to that of other brands, a fresh study by the European country’s Electric Car Association (ECA) concluded. Norway has the highest number of EVs per capita in Europe. Last year, more than half (54 per cent) of all new cars sold in the country were electric. All the major EV makers are present in the country, and Tesla is obviously no exception. Thus, it makes a very interesting case study for adoption of electrified mobility solutions.

In its newly conducted study, ECA found that Tesla drivers are the most satisfied with their EVs. Nearly 15,000 owners of electric cars were asked how satisfied they are with the EVs they own, and a whopping 94 per cent of them made positive comments about their battery-powered vehicles.
The ECA’s “Electric Car List 2021,” listed Tesla as the most popular as well as satisfying EV brand available in Norway. Elon Musk-led Tesla dominated the list, with the world-famous Model 3, Model X, and Model S EVs grabbing three of the top five positions in the survey.

According to the survey, an impressive 85 per cent of owners of the Model 3 said they were "very satisfied" with their experience of owning and driving the Tesla electric sedan. With that great percentage, the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan ranked first in the survey. It received perfect five-out-of-five rating. Merely 2 per cent of Model 3 owners said they were not satisfied.

Unni Berge, Norwegian ECA Head of Communications, noted that Tesla’s robust EV charging network played a key role in satisfying owners of Model 3.

Commenting on the findings, Berge said, “The reason Tesla Model 3 owners are so happy is probably related to the fact that you get access to Tesla’s good charging network, at the same time as you get a good car with a long-range at a relatively low price.”

The Kia e-Niro electrified crossover SUV got the average score of 4.78 and a slightly lower satisfaction rating of 84 per cent. It ranked at the second spot in the survey.

The Tesla Model X, a mid-size all-electric luxury crossover produced by the Palo Alto, Calif.-based EV pioneer, ranked third, while the BMWi3 grabbed the fourth position in the survey. The Model S was fifth in the survey.