Kat Isn’t Dropped From Shah Rukh's Tour!

Rumours were there that Katrina would be dropped from SRK’s Temptations Reloaded show in Dubai but these were wrong as Katrina is part of the show. Various reasons were given but none have been confirmed.

One of the reasons given was Salman coming close to Mahek Chhel, which upset Katrina and the second Salman asking Katrina to be the part of the show.

The show is scheduled on October 17, 18, 19 and 20 in Europe, and on October 23 and 24 in the Gulf. The stars will perform in Dubai on October 23.

$1 billion being invested by Abu Dhabi for Hollywood project

Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirate (AHN) – State owned Abu Dhabi Media Co., on Wednesday, expressed its willingness to invest over $1 billion in Hollywood-type film and digital media production.

This they would do in partnership with Hollywood and other international movie producers. The company mentioned that it has set up Imagination Abu Dubai to enter into the partnerships.

"Imagination Abu Dhabi will enter into partnerships with high-profile USA-based and other international producers to develop and produce content for distribution throughout the world."

Air crash takes life of seven

On Wednesday a helicopter crashed onto an oil rig near the coast at Dubai killing all seven people on board including a Pakistani worker. Rashid oil field had to be closed.

British Woman Accused of “Having Sex At Dubai Beach” Claims to be Innocent

The British woman, who has been accused of having sex on the beach, said she was innocent and told how this case has lead to her mental breakdown. She would face imprisonment, if found guilty.

Michelle Palmer, 36, a publishing executive, who has been living in Dubai for more than two years, was caught having unmarried sex in public with a businessman Vince Acors, 34, on July 5.

Both of them have denied of having sex outside marriage, however under the strict Muslim law, they face two years imprisonment if found guilty.

Hesham Tala'at Mustafa Arrested For Being Involved In Suzan Tamim Murder Case

Egypt’s Prosecutor-General informed on Tuesday, that there could be hand of Hesham Tala'at Mustafa, a businessman and lawmaker from Egypt's ruling party, in the murder case of 30 year old Lebanese singer, Suzan Tamim, who was found dead on July 28 at a Jumeirah Beach Residence apartment in Dubai.

Mustafa has been ordered by Abdul Majid Mahmoud to go under trail since the key suspect in the murder case said that Mustafa paid him $2 million to kill Tamim. Mustafa is the chairman of one of Egypt's biggest construction companies.

Dubai’s Ruler to Fund Anti-Blindness Campaign

On Wednesday, Dubai launched a campaign with the aim to provide eye care for 1 million people who are suffering from eye blindness. In a statement, Mohamed bin Rashed al-Maktoum, who is the ruler in the booming Gulf emirate said, “He would fund treatment for people in the United Arab Emirates and the world.”

He also informed that the campaign called Noor Dubai, aims at providing help the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the avoidance of Blindness to reach their goal of eradicating curable forms of blindness.




Arrival’s upcoming electric van to run more than 200 miles per full charge

Anglo-American automotive startup Arrival has unveiled a new all-electric van that aims to set a new standard for commercial vehicles by running more than 200 miles on a single charge while ensurin

Tesla to bring back second production shift to meet ‘high demand’ for refreshed Model S/X

Elon Musk, founder & chief executive of Tesla Motors, has announced that the electric vehicle major will increase production with a second shift in order to meet high demand that is has receive

Apollo Ghost e-scooter comes with lots of unique features and capabilities

Apollo Ghost, one of the most compact and refined adult electric scooters available in the market, comes with a lot of unique features and capabilities that make it stand apart from the crowd.

Toyota slapped with $180M fine for not complying with CAA emissions-reporting requirements

Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation has been ordered to pay a hefty fine of $180 million for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act’s (CAA’s) carbon emissions-

GM working with 'all the best startups' on next-gen EV battery technologies: EVP Doug Parks

Detroit-based automobile giant General Motors (GM) is working with “all the best startups” on next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery technology while planning a big boost to production capac

Seattle-based Startup Recurrent to offer EV battery health reports

Following footsteps of vehicle-history reports provider Carfax Incorporated, a Seattle-based startup called Recurrent is planning to launch a commercial web-based service to supply reports to indiv

Endurance electric truck easily pulls gas-guzzling F-150 pickup truck in tug of war

American electric automobile manufacturer Lordstown Motors Corporation has shared a video showing its Endurance pickup truck EV playing a tug of war with Ford’s bestselling gasoline pickup truck F-